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Sowing Love


One of Aaron’s many hobbies was often mineral, rock, and gem collecting and learning about wire wrapping. He loved wire wraps.   Recently, I was contacted by an artist and friend of Aaron’s, Alex Heidbreder, who took the time to offer his condolences and shared a bit of his times spent with my son.   He shared that though he hadn’t seen Aaron in awhile, he was deeply sadden to hear of his passing and wanted to offer his talent by making a special wire wrap for a private auction to help raise money for the Marion Soccer Association in honor of Aaron’s life.

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Alex took the time to hand craft this piece of wire wrap, (shown above and below), created in honor of Aaron and the good times they shared with their mutual love for the art and design.

The beautiful piece has 1 Mexican Fire Agate, 7 Garnets, 3 Moldavite and 2 Tourmalines it is mostly wrapped in silver  and fits in the palm of my hand. It isn’t a small piece.

With the design, silver, stones, and quality of work and time put into its design, the piece is valued at around 300.00 usd if sold retail.

You can place your private bids by emailing me at reneeemery15@yahoo.com or by FB private messaging or twitter DM, if anyone is interested in placing a bid. The private auction will end at midnight; Thursday, July 31st.  Once final bid comes through. The piece will be given to the highest bidder and money will be presented to Jason Olsen, President of the Marion Soccer Association.

I will ask many of you to seriously offer your support. Alex is a young man who made a heartfelt contribution to help our community and to remember his friend, Aaron, who I believe would be honored and grateful for his contribution back to the community.

If we expect our kids to take a step forward to give back positively, then we need to step up and support them when they do right and make good choices. Lets show our kids and our young adults we do care!  Alex reached out to me and he made a sincere effort to do something good and positive with his time when he heard of Aaron’s death. Instead of going out and partying to remember his friend, he went to his art table and began to hand craft a beautiful piece of jewelry that can last a lifetime.


Thank you Alex for your kindness, your gift in wire wrapping and to make a positive contribution with your gift and talent.  I hope you will remember the good times and laughs you shared with Aaron.

Thank you everyone in advance.

wire wrap        best wirewrap wirewrap4 wirewrap3


When your mother gave birth you became apart of mother earth,

when you looked up, you saw your mother’s eyes.

Now you live up in the skies.

The love has been short but real.

Now love will help all us heal.

written by Alex Heidbreder


Thank you everyone.


Renee Emery

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